SOLDL: LS Melobar Lapsteel (USA, 1992-1993, 8-string)

While most of the lapsteels are built by guitar brands, with Melobar USA it is the other way around. Originated as lapsteel guitar manufacturer, Melobar later became famous for it's "tilted neck" guitars. It proofs their love for the slide/lapsteel technique and how inventive this company was. Melobars are built with a lot of detail, a very nice unique Paul Barth pickup for a nice soft of twangy tone. It handles all kinds of styles, from Hawaiian to country.


Although the neck shows a Japanese patent all of the Melobar guitars are USA built.


Only a few of these early 8 string LS Melobars were built. You won't find another Melobar lapsteel this unique in this state, including the all in tact soft back to prevent unwanted movement on your lap. We dare say it is very rare. 


But why care, it is all ready to find a new owner that does not showcase it in a museum but on stage!


price: 425,00 euro

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