GIT-R is obviously short for Guitar, the electric guitar in this case. A guitar is the voice of the heart and a soother for the soul. A guitar is a communicator and a healer for both the player and the listener.
A guitar comes in many forms, as does Love, as does the Heart, as does the Soul. A guitar can change a (wo)man's live and influenced most all of us. It sure changed the lives of the founders of "GIT-R". 

The GIT-R company was founded in 2005 by a few guitar lovers and is directed by Marc (Rockson) and Ruud (G.R. Harrison).

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With GIT-R-Love we express our love for the electric guitar and our goal to match the right guitar with the right heart and soul. Only then the artist conveys his musical energy to the max. You know what we mean. That feeling when you first hold and play that certain guitar. That is we buy and sell only those guitars, that we feel are able to express the hearts and souls of our customers. We work with a small stock of rare, unique guitars that can be touched and played by appointment in our stock in Maastricht.

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Like the heart and the soul, every GIT-R needs maintainance, for maximum playability, sound and expression. So, get your GIT-R done at GIT-R-Done. Our guitartech will gladly fulfill all your wishes to enhance your sound and artistic expression. 

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